Arbol Records Studios- Quito (also in Cuenca)

Arbol Records was the premier recording facility in its area, located just south of the Equator in the beautiful Andes mountains. The climate is near perfect all year round. Our two recording studios had both analog and digital recorders, and a large selection of sound processing equipment and microphones. On staff were in-house producers, sound engineers and an award winning arranger.
Excellent local musicians were available at reasonable rates, offering a great variety of musical styles and indigenous instruments. From Andean folk style to authentic Indian rhythms form the headwaters of the Amazon, Ecuador has a rich musical heritage to offer.

Arbol Quito
The studios in Quito are now closed, and Arbol no longer makes recordings in Ecuador, but now in Los Angeles, CA.

Studio A

Recording Studio "A"

With room enough for any size production, Studio "A" offered a very complete selection of equipment. It had a Yamaha O2R digital console with 32 canales, Alesis ADAT recorders with 24 channels and a Tascam DAT. It also had available the following: Lexicon 480, Eventide H3000, Yamaha REV-7, Korg delay, Urei 1176 and dbx 160XT compressors, Drawmer dual gate, SPL vitalizer, two Neve 1073 and two 1066 preamps, and JBL 4408, Yamaha NS-10M and Auratone monitors.

Studio B

Recording Studio "B"

Studio "B" was smaller in size, but still had excellent sound. It offered an AMR Peavy console with 32 channels and Alesis ADAT digital recorders with 24 channels. Other equipment included: Alesis Midiverb, Yamaha SPX90, Lexicon PCM60, Alesis 3630 compressor, Neve 1066 preamps, DAT Panasonic, and JBL 4208 monitors.

Editing and Mastering Studio "C"

We worked on a Macintosh Power PC 8500/132 with the digital editing programs ProTools and Sound Designer. It also offered: Compellor 320A compressor, Aphex Aural Exciter, denoiser, Panasonic DAT, Tascam DA-302 DAT, HHB CDR-800 CD recorder, and EQP-200B Dual Program Equalizer.

Microphones: Neumann, AKG, Shure, Electro Voice, Beyer, Groove Tube, etc.
Musical instruments: Akai, Alesis, Korg, EMU and Yamaha synthesizers. Gibson, Martin, Rickenbacher, Fender, Ramírez, Sho Bud and Vogel guitars. Gretsch drums, and latin and indigenous percussion.
MIDI equipment: complete MIDI set with Macintosh software Performer and Mosaic, modules: MIDI Time Piece II, Korg X5DR, Sound Canvas, Korg M3R, Akai CD3000, Proteus/1, Pro/Cussion and Alesis D-4.

Arbol CuencaStudio Cuenca

Arbol Records Studios- Cuenca

Arbol Records had a studio in Cuenca, a city of about 500,000 people in the southern part of Ecuador.
Arbol Cuenca had one recording studio, a masterization and a tape duplication department. The studios were designed by Bob Vogel. They offered ample natural light, as well as the use of wood paneling and earth tones, just like Arbol's studios in Quito. The recording studio had two analog recorders with 24 channels each, ADAT XT and Tascam DAT. Masterization used ProTools, with noise reduction equipment and a CD recorder. Tape duplication department has the same Electrosound equipment used in Arbol Quito.

Arbol Cuenca
Although they are no longer administrated by Arbol, the studios continue to function.

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